A selection of the best insoles

We have a wide range of the very best shoe insoles that will help to protect and support your feet.
All of the insoles found below have been tried and tested and will including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, Achilles tendinitis, bunions and blisters. With our full 30 day money back guarantee you will also never be out of pocket. If for what ever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your new insoles you can send them back to us within 30 days of purchase and we will promise to give you a full refund!

What are the best insoles to buy?

Do you often find that after a long day on your feet your feet start to ache and are really sore? If you do, you should definitely think about buying some off the shelf insoles to help stop this from happening!

More often than not if you start getting foot pain then a good pair of insoles will more than likely ease these aches and pains. But finding the right pair of insoles can be a very daunting task and is a lot harder than most would think.

  • The most common reasons someone may want to buy some insoles are:
  • General foot pain and discomfort from just walking and running
  • You suffer from an injury that affects your feet like Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints , heel pain, metatarsalgia , neuropathy’s , stress fracture or over-pronation.
  • You are an athlete and you suffer from a Runners or Joggers knee injury and need extra cushion for shock absorption to prevent shocks from making the injury worse.
  • You have Diabetics, Arthritis, or have Sensitive Feet so you require a pair of insoles to be able to promote better circulation as well as give your feet better support throughout day.
  • A child Child might require extra arch support that will help with the preventing the development of a flat footed arch.

Common Footwear Fit Problems

If you happen to experience any of the following issues, then a new pair of insoles could help…

  • Flat or collapsed arches of the feet: Those that suffer from having flat or collapsed arches usually need insoles that provide extra arch support. Arch support insoles are made to promote better foot function of the arch muscles, as well as stabilize the heel and spread pressure and tension around the sole of the foot, stopping this pressure and tension from being concentrated on just the arch area. You may find that initially arch support insoles to be uncomfortable at first due to the insoles suppressing your normal foot function.
  • Suffer from frequent Blisters from your feet slipping around in your shoes: Poorly fitted shoes can cause your feet to move around in your shoes increasing the risk of your twisting your foot or spraining your ankle as well as causing friction that can separate the skin layers on your feet causing blisters, wearing supportive insoles can stop this from happening by helping to better stabilize your feet and heel in your shoes and stop them from moving around and causing problems!
  • Leg length discrepancy: If you suffer from a leg length discrepancy in one or both feet, a heel lift insole can help to correct the the leg length discrepancy. Heel lifts work by adjusting the height of your heel using heel lifts stacks that can be added or taken away in order to find correct the leg length discrepancy.

No matter what your reason for buying a pair of insoles you can rest assured that buying the right ones will make a big difference in easing pain pain and correcting any condition you may have.

Types of Insoles

What are Comfort shock absorbing Insoles

Those who suffer from aches and pain in their feet because they are standing or walking on hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time will find that wearing shock-absorbing insoles have been designed to help stop this from happening.
Shock absorbing insoles are often are often made from silicone gel or foam. You can buy shock absorbing insoles in a either full length or ¾ length to suit your needs.

Sore and achy feet can also be caused by lack of arch support within your shoes. If a pair of shock absorbing insoles fails to ease your foot pain, or you find that they make it worse then this it is a sign that you need more solid support, and not even more cushioning in your shoes instead.

What are Sport insoles

Athletes or runners might want to consider buying a pair of Sports insoles that are designed just for SPORT! These types of are orthotics are built with the features and needs of the athletes in mind and their foot. Athletes often require extra heel padding as well as foot support from their insoles to better help their gait.
There are many different sports insoles designed for many different sports.
For example, If you are a Runner or cyclist who wears tight cleats or running shoes you will probably need to wear sports insoles that are breathable, compact and lightweight in design, but if you are a Skier or a Snowboarder you will have to wear sports insoles which should be designed to promote heat retention but if you play hockey you will have to have a pair of sports insoles that have been made to be good at absorbing shock because of the extra shock impact that can occur when playing hockey.
Sport insoles have been made with a much firmer material than shock absorbing inserts this is because sport insoles have been made to provide structural support and to help better stabilize your feet in your shoes.
With a pair of sport insoles you will find that comfort is a product of the this stability and support instead of the result of direct cushioning of the feet like with shock absorbing insoles.

  • Sports insoles tend to be most effective for the following:
  • Correcting biomechanical misalignments in the feet, these misalignments can cause not just foot pain, but can also lead to pain in the ankles, legs hip, and back.
  • Plantar fasciitis: Physiotherapists typically advise people to wear arch support insoles to help ease and promote proper recovery. Plantar fasciitis is caused by tears in the plantar fascia arch support insoles effectively give your feet a rest and time to recover by providing your feet with extra support.
  • If you surfer from Supination or over-pronation (if your feet supinate it means that your feet roll outward when you walk or if you over pronate when you run or walk it usually means that your feet roll inward to much when you walk or run.). Arch support insoles are designed to help correct the pronation of your feet. when walking or running.
  • You can buy these types of insoles in number of different shapes and sizes to fit your requirements!

What are Orthotic Arch Supports (Best choice)

Orthotic Arch Supports tend to be the most used type of insole. Although the majority of individuals are comfortable wearing a cushion or gel insoles, many will feel a big difference when wearing an orthotic arch support as they are usually are a lot more stiffer and harder than normal insoles, many people are put off by how much harder orthotic insoles are compared to cushioning ones however they are a lot better for your feet as they are designed to help position your foot into the natural foot position in a way that will effectively spread the pressure created by your bodyweight and shock from walking or running evenly on your feet foot, to do this the orthotics will make use of your foots very own fat pad. Orthotic arch supports have got differing levels of shock absorption but the vast majority have got a a sturdy arch support made to correctly support as well as keep your arch in a in a correct and natural position. Whenever someone walks or runs the arch their feet should collapse by design; but, if the arch collapses excessively the foot may develop tiny rips and tears in the muscle tissue as well as in the plantar fascia tendon that connects the heel to the toes. When this happens then that is when you have developed Plantar Fasciitis which is a very prevalent foot injury. If you often wear flip flops, sandals, or badly fitted shoes that do not properly support your feet then this can cause plantar fasciitis too. Orthotic arch supports have been made to give your feet rigid support that will stop your arch from excessively collapsing when you walk and you foot absorbs the significant pressure created by your bodyweight. This is why, orthotics arch supports tend to be not very comfortable when ever you first start wearing the inserts; but after a few days of “breaking into” a new pair of orthotics insoles, your feet will feel a lot more comfortable and you will wonder how you ever got by without them! Here at Edunonline we have a great pair of arch support orthotics designed to be a perfect fit for those with flat feet or high arches!

What are Arch Cushions straps

If orthotic arch supports aren’t your thing and you want some inserts that are a little bit small and more light weight Arch Cushions are the next best thing! Arch Cushions are a great choice for people who have less serious arch problem or for people who are unable to “break in to” a pair of Orthotic arch Support. Arch Cushions are usually straps that you place around your feet that have a foam arch cushion that is positioned underneath the arch.
Padded arch cushions are worn mostly just worn for comfort, but having said that some arch cushions will help to provide support and prevent shock from causing damage to the arch. If you find that you are on your feet all day working, and you HAVE TO wear work boots or shoes that make your feet ache and painful after a long day wearing them. Wearing a pair of Cushioning arch support straps can really help to give your feet better, support shock absorption and circulation to stop your feet from aching!

How to best look after your brand new insoles

  • Off the shelf insoles usually have a life span of around 12 months if you are wearing them regularly in your shoes.
  • Don’t just forget about your insoles. It is a good idea to Frequently remove your insoles and examine for a signs of deterioration. If you do find a signs of deterioration it is a
    good idea to change them. Insoles that have deteriorated will not give your feet the support that they need and may even cause foot injuries as a result.
  • It is recommended that you regularly wash your insoles by hand using a mild cleaning agent and then air them before reinserting them back into your shoes. Washing your insoles helps to stop bacteria from building up on your insoles that could other wise cause nasty smells or even foot infections.
  • If you have have sweaty then it is a good idea to regularly air out your insoles by removing them from your shoes in order to let moisture stuck in between the insole and shoe escape.

If you are struggling to find a good pair of insoles for your shoes then why not check out our footcare range. Edunonline insoles are designed to help provide the very best support and comfort for your feet to stop aches and pains as well as injuries in their tracks!

If you have any questions regarding insoles or about our footcare range then please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below and we will make it our priority to get back to you!