Everything you need to know about shin splints
Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) is a common lower leg condition that often affects runners. If you are suffering from shin splints you will have pain have generalized pain around the front of your shins which will worsen during activity. The most common form of shin splints is medial shin splints which affects the medial area of the shins usually as a result of an imbalance a biomechanical imbalance in the lower legs causing excessive strain and tension on the shins. Shin splint pain can be triggered by small tears or inflammation on the periosteum muscle that wraps around the shin bone. Your pain may also be caused by the muscles surrounding the shin bone pulling away and detaching from the bone. There are a number of different reason as to why you might have developed shin splints including:

  • Over pronation or supination of the feet during the gait cycle increases pressure on your lower limbs.
  • Lack of proper stretching of the lower legs particular the calf muscles before exercise. This makes the muscles that support your shin bones to be tighter than they should be and more prone to over stretching when doing vigorous exercise involving your lower legs.
  • Obesity placing abnormal load placed upon the lower legs adding to extra strain and stress to the lower limbs.
  • Standing for long periods or running on hard surfaces increasing shock to your shins that can cause damage and inflammation to occur.
  • Sudden twisting or trauma to the lower limbs can sprain and damage ligaments and muscles around your shins.

How wearing insoles can help?
Orthotic insoles can help prevent and treat shin splint in a number of different ways. The best insoles for this condition are ones that provide your feet with rigid support that keeps your feet as stable as possible. Arch support will also help by correcting function and muscle imbalances in your feet that can lead to strain on your lower limbs and strain. Another thing that your insoles must have is shock absorption. Good shock absorption is needed to stop shock from damaging your shins. Shock absorption is particularly important if you are a runner or you are constantly on your feet for long periods on hard surfaces. Below you will find a wide range of insoles that we have hand-picked that will help to ease your pain and keep you on your feet! If you have any questions regarding any of the insoles found below please feel free to get in touch using our contact form where we are always happy to help you find the right insoles for you. All of the insoles listed below all come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This means when ordering you have absolutely nothing to loose because if the insoles aren’t right for you for whatever reason you can send them back to us to get a full refund!

Nuovahealth arch support insoles
These insoles offer some of the best arch support that you can get. Made from durable and rigid carbon fiber that will support your feet in their natural position, taking strain and stress off the plantar fascia these are ideal for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and other arch related injuries.Read full review
Lack of sizes
Longer break in period means that these insoles may take longer for your feet to get used to them
Rigid arch support that will help to get rid of plantar fasciitis
Can be cut to the right size if needed
Heel cup holds your heel and ankle in the correct position
Corrects imabalnces and funcitonal porblems in your feet such as over pronantion and supination that can cause injury and foot pain
Non bulky and will not weigh down your feet when you wear them making them ideal for runners and athletes
Extra support
Footreviver running insoles
If you need a pair of lightweight and compact insoles that will support your arches and ease arch pain then these are the pair for you. Constructed with high quality shock absorbing EVA materials these insoles will provide you with all the shock absorption and arch support that your feet need.Read full review
3/4 length means that these insoles do not protect or support your entire foot when worn.
Provides good arch support to ease plantar fasciitis
Lightweight and compact design means you can easily slip these insoles inside just about any shoes with ease.
Provides your foot with good heel support and protection
Perfect for people with flat feet
Massaging gel insoles
If you are on your feet for long periods and suffer from foot and heel pain then you may find relief from wearing a pair of these Massaging gel insoles. Read full review
Doesn't provide as rigid arch support as other insoles found above.
Limited sizes available
Massages your feet to relieve pain
Actively adapts to the changing surface as you walk to give you better support and protection.
Moulds to the exact shape of your feet to give you a custom level of support
Silicone gel gives you superior shock absorption
Lightweight and non bulky
Ideal for those suffering with knee pain
Shoewawa shock absorbing insoles
Shock can cause a lot of different running injuries. Luckily you can protect your feet and lower limbs by wearing a pair of these shock absorbing insoles. These insoles have been made with the very best EVA material that will absorb shock and limit its affect on your feet and lower limbs.Read full review
Not the best arch support
Long lasting
Really good shock absorption to protect your feet and lower limbs from shock
Ideal for runners and people who are on their feet all day
Supports and protects your heels with inbuilt orthotic heel cup
Best shock absorbing insoles

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