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Ordering and Delivery

We use PayPal a secure and widely used third-party payment system. This ensures that no payment information such as bank details or credit card information is ever shared or stored with any of the sellers here at Edunonline.com.

Orders made before 2:00pm will be dispatched the same day, orders made after this time will be dispatched the next working day. Orders are sent via the Royal Mail postage service.

All Sellers set their own delivery charges which are then added onto your total at the checkout.

Refunds and Returns
You can claim a full refund within 60 days of purchasing a product here at edunonline upon returning the item to the return address, with no questions asked. For a swift refund please get in contact with us letting us know that you wish to make a refund including details of what you bought and your PayPal email. If you were unhappy with your item please let us know by emailing us as to why you were unhappy so that we can improve our products and services for next time.


By using our site you agree to the use and uploading of cookies onto your computer. Cookies are harmless and are simply text files stored on your computer that contain data which can then be retrieved by our server to help us improve our website, track visitors and enable functions of our website to work for instance the login system.

Information and Privacy

When making any order or registering on our website you will have to submit contact information such as your name, address, phone number and email address this information is then stored securely on our servers. We do not sell or share your personal information without your permission! All information shared with us will be kept completely confidential. Transaction information such as amount spent and items bought may be automatically shared with PayPal upon ordering.

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