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About the Edunonline Brand

1. Edunonline launched in Spring 2005

2. Edunonline is a for-profit business – founded on the premise of trade as a means of building sustainable communities in developing countries to help foster economic growth rather than provide charity.

3. Edunonline utilizes locally run factories in Africa, South America and India. Edunonline does not build and does not own these factories.

4. Edunonline conducts audits by non-profit monitoring and training organization Verité. In addition, Edunonline internal staff (production team and senior management) visit each factory at least twice a year and personally work with them to try to improve compliance infractions through coaching and feedback.

5. Edunonline, in conjunction Verité, is in the process of developing and implementing a multi-phase Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that will include monitoring of all EDUN suppliers, Performance Improvement Planning, capability training at the corporate and factory levels, and stakeholder engagement.

6. Edunonline poducts are currently produced in Peru, Tunisia, Kenya, India, Mauritius and Madagascar.

7. 32% of the Fall/Winter 2007 EDUN collection is produced in Africa, and 40% of the Spring/Summer 2008 collection is produced in Africa.

8. 31% of the Fall/Winter 2007 collection is organic; 50% of the Spring/Summer 2008 collection is organic.

9. In 2006 Edunonline launchedEdunonline LIVE, which is a line of blank t-shirts created for merchandising purposes.

10. Edunonline LIVE’s aim is to help foster trade and increase long-term sustainable employment in Africa via high-volume sales of blank t-shirts to the wholesale market.

11. Edunonline LIVE manufactures 100% African t-shirts, from “grow to sew” and has a presence in the sub-Saharan nations of Lesotho, Uganda, Mauritius, South Africa and Tanzania.

12. Anyone can buy and sell ethical and eco friendly products on the Edunonline marketplace for free.

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