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    Hi I seem to twist my ankle every time I land when running. When I run every time my foot hits the ground it feels as though my foot gives way and I twist my foot. I only twist my ankle slightly but can see how this can overtime start causing damage. I am think it is because I suffer from ankle instability (probably playing too much football when I was younger). My friend suggested I wear an ankle support to help give me a bit more support. Will they help? I have looked online but dont know what to buy. I don’t want anything to bulky or heavy as I like to keep my feet as lightweight as possible when I run. Does anyone know any good supports I could wear?

    I would really appreciate any advice you might have as well, thank you!

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    If I was you I would buy this ankle support from edunonline

    Ankle support sleeve

    It is really light weight and uses compression to help stabilize your ankle, stopping it from twisting or moving in a way that could damage it. I would also look at buying some heel cups to wear inside your shoes as well. Heel cups are really good because they cup around your heel and Achilles tendon helping to give you even more stability.You may also want to do body weight squats and foot stretches. These will help to strengthen the supporting muscles around your ankle joint and can really help too. Using this combo I was able to to get rid of my Achilles tendinitis on my left foot and I haven’t really and any problems at all with my feet or ankles.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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