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    I am thinking of expanding into a new niche.. sport gear and I have been researching various techniques for printing on polyester clothing and came across Dye sublimation has anyone tried this before? It is really talked about a lot is there a reason for this? Is it cost effective? I know that vinyl is used a lot in sports gear is dye sublimation better or worse than using vinyl?


    I don’t know a lot about dye sub because I have never used it but it sounds interesting so I did a little bit of digging…what happens in a dye sub printer is different to what happens in a laser printer for instance.. in a dye sub printer liquid gel ink goes under a endothermic reaction where the solid ink is turned straight into gas.. this gas is then applied to a transfer paper which you then apply to your t shirt using a heat press.. because of how the dye works you can only use this technique on polyester because of how the polyester opens up under heat and pressure and lets the dye get absorbed into the t shirt… but if you you can apply a thin layer of polyester on top of the surface of what you are wanting printed on you can actually print on anything you want… apparently so you aren’t limited to just t shirts… you can print on tiles if you want!
    I think that dye sublimation actually makes prints that last forever because instead of just applying the print on top of the surface of the t shirt dye sub actually the dye actually infuses into the fabric at the molecular level.. meaning the t shirt will fall to bits with ages before the print the print actually fades. I am guessing that these prints will never crack either because of this.


    I highly recommend dye sub! it is a really great technique with unlimited possibilities! yes you cannot print onto cotton with dye sub but you can print onto just about anything else including mugs.. ceramic tiles and all sorts.. so iF you are wanting to expand into printing onto other things besides just t shirts dye sub is the way to go.
    You mentioned vinyl prints, these prints are all fine and dandy but cannot do images.. dye sub can.
    Cost wise you are looking at around £800 for a printer plus transfer paper and inks costs.


    I really like the idea of using dye sub because of how it never ever fades is there no way you can do this for cotton t shirts? what about 50% cotton and 50% polyester although that still isn’t really used for fashion because of its feel?

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