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    Hi I was thinking about doing some prints of images using image clip laser light (self weeding) paper but as far as I understand how these heat transfer paper work you cannot print images that have white on them on anything other than white t shirts because the the printer does not print white emulsion onto the transfer sheet so no white emulsion is applied to the t shirt in the places where there is white? Is this correct? So I take you cannot print photos or images that use white on other colored t shirts else the color of the t shirt will show through on parts that are meant to be white? Is there any way past this using a different heat transfer paper using a laser printer? thank you! 🙂


    What you are looking for is ImageClip Laser Dark Transfer Paper instead.

    Here is what I do from start to finish.. it is very similar to using image clip laser light but with a few tweaks.
    You will need to adjust a few settings on your printer for the best results such as reducing the output of white toner that gets printed onto the transfer sheets..to do this on a oki printer you should go to settings–> calibration–>white darkness –> and then change the default value of 0 to -3 and press ENTER (* should appear next to the value you submitted this shows that your new value has been locked in).

    You are also going to also have to change a couple setting on your computer as well. When you press print the printing options should appear make sure that your oki printer is selected as your desired printer then click preferences—-> paper quality—> make sure multiple purpose tray is selected. Then click advanced and make sure that you have picked a paper size that matches with the size of your heat transfer paper. Next click on image color management and set this to be handled by the printer. Under ICM intent make sure that you select the option the correspond to what you are printing..such as picture or a graphic. Make sure under printer features that media check is turned off. Under media type I would advise you to select ULTRA HEAVY 2. You may also want to set tray switch off so that your printer when/if it does run out of paper it does not attempt to pull paper out of the tray instead.

    Under the job options tab make sure that your image quality is set to fine detail. Under the printer mode make sure that it is set to white on!

    When pressing your transfer sheets together you should use 250 degrees heat under a medium pressure for 20 seconds and then when done peel the sheets apart whilst the sheet are hot! Now you should have a perfect transfer sheet with the emulsion on it ready to be applied to your colored/dark t shirts.

    When you do print the transfers onto your t shirts make sure you do it at 370 degrees heat, for 30 seconds under the same pressure you used before. Then finally make sure that you wait for the transfer to cool down for a minute and then peel of the transfer sheet and there you have it a self weeded design with its own white on colored t shirts!

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