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    Hi I have been designing a3 bitmap designs in photoshop and I am almost ready to get my designs printed and was wondering what the rough average prices would be for a design with a couple colors and a design for a photograph a3 size so I can do some pricing up. The prices for screen printing seem quite cheap working out about £5 per tshirt however I know screen printing is a totally different technique and is limited on colors.. I am hoping that dtg will be cheaper or at least the same price (got my fingers crossed here!)
    Also been looking at a number of sites like firelabel (cannot find prices for dtg on their site) are there any other good sites for designers who want around 25 printed?

    Lastly I want really high quality t shirts just like superdry but after looking on the various sites the general consensus is that if you superdry quality shirts you cannot because superdry makes their own heavy weight t shirts but the stuff I have found on the info that I have found on the internet is a couple years old now so I was wondering if things have changed and there are now wholesalers that sell blank t-shirts like superdry now? Surely someone somewhere makes these.. if not there is a big gap in the market to make a killing!


    Okay I tried emailing firelabel only to be ignored which kind of sucks and shows that their customer service must absolutely suck so I wont be going with them. Plus after comparing their apparent whole sale tshirt it turns out firelabel is selling their tshirts not at wholesale price but at retail price!! Does anyone else know any good t shirt printers out there?


    DTG printing should cost less than screen printing to do as it is much simpler, quicker and the only real cost is the t shirt and the inks used. With a decent dtg printer people can print a3 colorful designs for around £1 and £2 for a decent t shirt.

    I would avoid firelabel as their prices are far too expensive, you can actually buy t shirt that are the same quality from a shop cheaper!


    Firelabel is rubbish I would not use those guys at all.. I got badly burnt after ordering a few t shirt prints from them! I found that the quality of their prints were really bad with saturated colors and when you go to wash you t shirts the print just crumbles away!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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