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    So I decided to bite the bullet and pump £2500 into starting my t shirt business buying equipment and a whole batch of blank t shirts however thus far the gamble has not paid off! I have set up an ebay shop but I get virtually zero customers from ebay despite my prices for custom t shirt designs being super cheap.. so cheap in fact I hardly make 0.50p per sale! Seeing as ebay wasn’t working I decided on making a online web shop of my own but despite putting a lot of effort into the site making it look great and super stylish and having huge discounts and having 100% money back guarantee on all t shirt prints I am still not getting a any customers at all! I have tried marketing my site on facebook but it is really time consuming for very little. I have also tried promoting my site on google adwords but even after spending £1000 on adverts on adwords I got zero customers… what a massive scam adwords is!

    How do you guys get customers? I desperately need help.. I have put in atleast £3k into this venture and I have seen very little return.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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