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    So I decided to bite the bullet and pump £2500 into starting my t shirt business buying equipment and a whole batch of blank t shirts however thus far the gamble has not paid off! I have set up an ebay shop but I get virtually zero customers from ebay despite my prices for custom t shirt designs being super cheap.. so cheap in fact I hardly make 0.50p per sale! Seeing as ebay wasn’t working I decided on making a online web shop of my own but despite putting a lot of effort into the site making it look great and super stylish and having huge discounts and having 100% money back guarantee on all t shirt prints I am still not getting a any customers at all! I have tried marketing my site on facebook but it is really time consuming for very little. I have also tried promoting my site on google adwords but even after spending £1000 on adverts on adwords I got zero customers… what a massive scam adwords is!

    How do you guys get customers? I desperately need help.. I have put in atleast £3k into this venture and I have seen very little return.


    Yes getting into the t shirt business is a huge gamble because it is so competitive and every tom, dick and harry is trying it out because it is one of the first things people think of when they are thinking of setting up an online business, and when it all fails they end up selling their t shirts extremely cheaply just to get rid of them and recoup at least some money and because there seems to be an endless supply of these people loosing money and selling things off cheaply.. it means that the t shirt business is just f’ed up big time permanently where none actually makes any money.

    All I can say is that it is a crowded market place so try to be as unique and eccentric as possible with your designs to stand out form the crowd….


    The trick is not one shop but multiple shops and EVERYWHERE! You have to just litter the internet full of your brand… forget mundane adwords or even seo these are proven not to work. Use pinintrest, instagram and get your designs plastered everywhere on the internet (make sure you make it clear how people can buy your stuff) and trust me people will come.. you just have to get peoples attention and make your t shirts amazing and something people must have.


    pintrest is a really good place to promote your designs.. however at the same time it is a really good place for other people to steal your designs.
    Dont bother with the search engines because if you aint amazon even for things amazon sucks at like t shirts you aren’t going to rank (I think its something to do with the silicon valley evil nerds having an agreement to make the internet a complete fix and screw everyone else.).


    Sometimes online isnt always best and you will find just setting up a stall with your amazing designs will work faster and better. The internet is a fix controlled by the elites and only amazon, ebay and google make money now from the internet.

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