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    I was just about to get into heat transfer printing until I found out about the huge bomb shell that you cannot really print onto dark t shirt only on white t shirt if you are wanting images or even just white on your designs!! Because if you do one white you have to either buy an EXTREMELY expensive OKI 90wt laser printer that has white toner or you have to go for heat transfer paper that already has a white emulsion background on the paper.. meaning your designs will have a white background around it (or you have to cut out your designs before you heat press the transfer onto the t shirt). I then began looking at DTG printing and the cost of those machines is stupid as you are loo0king at £8k for a half decent machine money I just do not have. I then began looking at vinyl cutters which look okay and the vinyl cutting machines range about £600+ however it does not look as though you are able to print images and I need to print images because that is what Im am basing my whole t shirt business around!

    Has anyone got any affordable solutions for printing customers images that is CHEAP to get going?

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