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    Hi I am starting my own fashion brand and I was wondering if anyone could help me decide what wholesale t shirts to buy. I have been looking at a number of t shirt makes to print my designs on and by the looks of things fruit of loom is the cheapest and most established make around but is the fruit of the loom really good enough? I ask this because when I ordered a 99p sample of the “Original” fruit of the loom t shirt I was quite shocked by the bad the quality was as the stitching seemed all over the place, the cotton was so thin it was see through and the fitting was really really bad. Are the more expensive premium quality fruit of loom t shirts any better or are all fruit of loom t shirts cheap and nasty? I have been looking at other t shirts like American apparel and Hanes beefy which look really good however the wholesale prices are way to expensive for me.. even though I want to make a really good impression with my fashion brand by giving customers super quality.. £4+ per t shirt is just too much money for me at the moment. Does anyone else have any recommendations on a good whole sale t shirt brand for me to buy to start my fashion brand off?

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