Insoles for ball of foot pain (AKA metatarsalgia)

If you are suffering from ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia) there could a number of different things that could be causing your pain. Metatarsalgia can be a sign of any number of foot injuries such as hammer toes, bunions plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. However the most common cause of ball of foot pain is because of damage to the metetarsal bones found in your foot. The metatarsal bones are long bones that connect your ankle bone to your toes sudden trauma or a severe twisting of your foot, or overuse, can cause damage, or in some cases a small fractures to develop on the bones.
More often than not those who are suffering from ball of foot pain also have biomechanical imbalances which exposes their feet to extra strain and pressure. One example of a biomechanical imbalance that is related to ball of foot pain is over pronation. Pronation occurs when you walk and is needed to help support and shift weight from your heels to your toes as you walk. Too much pronation when you walk places extra strain on your the balls of your feet which can overtime cause damage and pain to develop as a consequence. If you wear unsupportive, tight or high heels you are also more likely to develop ball of foot pain this is because these types of shoes will deform the shape of the foot placing excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. If you are on your feet for long periods or run on hard surfaces shock and pressure building up underneath the ball of your foot leading to damage.

To ease ball of foot pain it is a good idea to start wearing better fitted shoes with a wide toe box, a heel no higher than 2 inches, supports the ball of your foot and prevents shock from causing damage. Wearing insoles can help to prevent metatarsalgia and can help to ease your pain. Here at Edunonline we have a wide range of different insoles that will help to better support and protect the ball of your foot. Designed to be affordable, lightweight, discrete super comfortable and specially developed to help prevent a wide range of foot injuries and complains including metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendinitis, bunions, hammers toes aswell as morton’s neuroma. Our insoles use orthotic technology that will help to realign the positioning of your feet ensuring that your feet do not walk or run with a biomechanical imbalance that places strain on your feet. Our insoles are also made from medical grade shock absorbing materials to help eliminate shock and stop it from causing damage. All of our insoles come with a complete 30 day money back guarantee which means if you are not entirely happy with your new insoles you can return them to us within 30 days to get a full refund! If you have any questions regarding our insoles or need help picking a pair then feel free to get in touch with use using our contact us page and we will be more than happy to help you!