Gel Active Insoles

Gel active insoles mould to the exact shape of your feet helping to give your feet enhanced support and protect them from damaging shocks.

  • Perfect for tired and achy feet!
  • Honeycomb design for breathability and durability.
  • Stay on your feet all day pain-free! Ergonomically designed to help spread pressure from under your foot and heel ensuring that this pressure does not damage your feet.
  • Prevent injury. The active gel helps to give your feet better support and corrects muscle and biomechanical imbalances as well as reducing excessive strain and tension in your feet that could otherwise contribute to foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis or foot cramp.
  • Active gel technology helps to cushion impacts and shocks when your walk and run helping to better protect your feet, heels, ankles and knees from the damage that these impacts and shocks can cause on your ligaments, joints and bones!
  • One size fits all. Can be cut to your preferred size easily using scissors
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