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If you have fallen arches you may be suffering from heel and foot pain as a result. This is because those with this condition are more prone to over stretching and straining their feet. With a pair of these insoles inside your shoes you can go about correcting this and easing your pain once and for all!

The best features:

  • Designed with rigid arch support to support fallen arches and ease tension and pressure.
  • Built with shock absorbing materials that help to stop shock from damaging your feet.
  • Inbuilt metatarsal pads to combat metatarsalgia a common cause of ball of foot pain.
  • Heel grips and heel cup help to support your heel, giving you more stability in your shoes and preventing your feet from moving around in your shoes.
  • Breathable, lightweight and durable makes these a perfect fit for running shoes.
  • Corrects the function and motion of your feet when you walk to make you walk and run more efficiently with less strain.
  • 30 day money back guarantee ensure you are never left out of pocket if you do not like your new pair of insoles!
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Fallen arches is a medical term used to describe people who have got flat feet. When you have fallen arches the arch of your foot will make partial or complete contact to the ground when you are standing.

People with fallen arches are usually born with them however it they can be attributed to a change in the tendon that support the arch of your foot. Typically this change is a result of a common degenerative condition called posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Other causes may include:
-You may also develop fallen arches due to the weakening of the muscles surrounding the arch of your foot, this is usually occurs because of old age or because of an inactive lifestyle.
-Obesity or sudden weight gain can also to be blamed. Obesity can cause excessive pressure on your arches causing them to flatten.
-Regularly wearing ill fitting shoes that do not have proper arch support and position your feet in a unnatural position can cause pressure on your arches and overtime damage your arches and cause them to flatten.

If you have fallen arches then you are at greater risk of developing foot injuries. This is because fallen arches can make you feet more inclined to over pronate when during the gait cycle this can cause extra strain and pressure on your feet. Pronation is used to help your feet adapt to the changing contours of the surface of the ground, absorb shock, shift weight from your heel to your toes and propel you forward when you walk. When your feet over pronate it means that your feet roll inwards an excessive amount causing unnecessary pressure and strain on your plantar fascia ligament. Overtime this can cause overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis to develop resulting in inflammation and and pain on your arch and heels. Over pronation is considered a biomechanical imbalance and can also result in strain and potentially damage on other parts of your body and not just your feet. That is why it is important to support your arches and correct your pronation. One way that you can do this is by wearing arch support insoles such as these. Arch support insoles will hold your arches in the correct position and will relieve tension and pressure off of them. If you have fallen arches it is also a good idea to wear shoes that support your feet and are not too tight when wearing them. It is also recommended to do regular stretches to help strengthen the muscles and ease tension in your arches.

Frequently asked questions regarding these insoles and fallen arches

How many people have suffer from fallen arches?
Having flat feet is more common than most people think, it is estimated that worldwide around 30% of the population have flat feet.

How can you fix them?
It totally depends upon what is causing your flat feet. If you were born with this condition then you may not be able to fix them. However if your flat feet where caused by other factors such as obesity, injury or wearing ill fitting shoes you then there are some things that you can do to imporve them. With a combination of the right treatments including regular foot stretches, wearing properly fitted shoes with arch support insoles inside you can strengthen your arches and prevent common foot injuries connected to having flat feet.

How can wearing orthotic insoles help?
Orthotic insoles are designed to support the arch of your foot and reposition them in an optimal and comfortable position. This in turn helps to alleviate strain and tension that could other wise damage the arch of your foot. Feet with fallen arches do not always function as well as normal arched feet and may not be able to protect the foot from shock damage leaving the feet prone to damage and injury. These orthotic insoles have been designed to help better protect your feet from shock by absorbing and depleting shock when you walk or run.

Have plantar fasciits will these help me?
If you already have plantar fasciitis you can ear these insoles to help protect your feet from further damage by taking strain and excessive load off your feet whilst they recover easing your plantar fasciitis and ensuring that it does not worsen. Plantar fasciitis left untreated can gradually get worsen and in some cases can become chronic.

If I do not like the insoles can I return them?
Yes, if you are not happy with your new insoles for what ever reason you may return them to us within 30 days. We promise to give you a full refund. If you are wanting to return your insoles simply send them back to the return address found on the package along with a note stating who you are so we know who to send the refund to.

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