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Runners Plantar Fasciitis Insoles


Sold By: EdunOnline

Keep your feet protected and feeling comfortable with a pair of these orthotic insoles!

  • Provides optimal support where you need it the most!
  • Specially designed for flat feet
  • Helps to ease foot pain as well as protect against the onset of a wide range of different injuries including: Plantar Fasciitis, Shin splints, Ankle pain, Heel spurs, Morton’s Neuroma, Aching Legs, knee and back pain.
  • Makes plantar fasciitis a thing of the past! With in built arch support helping to correct improper biomechanics such as over pronation and under pronation of the feet whilst you walk, as well as reducing strain on your arches means you can go running without having to worry about plantar fasciitis.
  • No more heel pain! With in built heel pad spreads the pressure from under your heels you will no longer have to worry about your heels being painful after being on your feet all day.
  • Rebalances and stabilizes your feet eliminating muscles imbalances that can contribute to an injury.
  • Made from Shock absorbing EVA material that makes sure no harmful shocks damage your feet nor  damage other parts of your body including your knees or lower back.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Frank Smith

    I have worn a lot of different insoles to try to get rid of my plantar fasciitis but non have been as effective as these! The last pair that I bought before getting these was from amazon that were absolute garbage (despite what the 400+ fake super positive reviews said ) and actually made my feet feel super uncomfortable and tight. These though give my feet just the right amount of support as in not too much that these insoles end up pushing my feet upwards and straining them and not too little support that doesn’t do anything. Also these insoles do not bulk up my shoes and make them feel really tight. All round I say that these are pretty good insoles and are really cheap as well..as £9 for a pair of insoles this is an absolute bargain! I am going to knock 1 star off my review though because the insoles did take a while to be delivered.

  2. 07

    by Mary

    I decided to buy these arch support insoles for my son to wear when he plays sports at school after he started to complain about dull aches and pains in his feet when running . He really likes them and have stopped him from getting those dull aches and pains plus he says he finds that he feels a lot more stable in his shoes now with these insoles inside of them.

  3. 07

    by Mike Banes

    As soon as I started wearing these inside my shoes I felt a huge difference and my plantar fasciitis has started to go ease significantly. These insoles are better at supporting my feet than my really expensive custom insoles that my podiatrist gave me for treating my plantar fasciitis. I really don’t why these are better, maybe it is because these insoles leave some room for my feet to support themselves instead of just having the insoles do all the work so my feet start to restrengthen a bit too. All round I say that these insoles a really good.. I just wish I found them sooner rather than splashing out £150 on custom insoles that were nowhere near as comfy as these.

  4. 07

    by Gregg Peters

    Meh! Alright I guess but I prefer the other arch support insoles (these ones to be precise: http://edunonline.com/product/ultra-comfy-arch-support-insoles/) because these just don’t give my feet enough support as I would like, I guess these are okay for going running in and preventing fasciitis but if you already have fasciitis you are gonna be needing all the support you can get.

  5. 07

    by Andrew :D

    What is great is that I accidentally bought the wrong size but the seller was kind enough to let me return them and send me the right size at no extra cost. Now that I have the right size these insoles are just the best things ever for my shoes and have made them so much more comfortable to wear!

  6. 07

    by David

    I have had plantar fasciitis for quite a while now after over doing it when playing football and nothing seemed to help ease it that is until I put a pair of these insoles in my shoes.. As soon as I started wearing them I could feel a huge improvement straight away as my feet no longer felt really tight and tender. The only negative about these insoles would be that they are a little wide so if you have really small narrow shoes then they might not fit properly but apart from that they are the best!

  7. 07

    by spot on!

    Really good quality and so comfy to wear.

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