Selling requirements

Requirements of selling clothes for free on Edunonline are simple
For clothing to be considered sustainable it must:
-Be made from 100% cotton fibres that have been certified as being organic- and zero synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilisers were used to grow the cotton.
-The cotton should not have been produced using genetically modified crop. No conventional cotton used.
-No farmers have suffered from pesticide poisoning to produce the cotton fibre.
-The clothing should not contain no more than 10% synthetic or man-made fibres.
For clothing to be considered fair trade the clothing must have a fair trade label. This label indicates that the clothing was produced under fair trade conditions and the farmer who produced the cotton to create the clothing received a fair wage for their hard work. More information about fair trade standards can be found here
For a product to be considered eco friendly it must be Oko-Tex standard 100 mark certified that verifies that the working conditions the garment was created in were safe and no hazardous materials were used in the garment manufacture. Eco friendly the clothing should also have European Eco-Label for Textile Products that looks at reducing water pollution in the manufacturing process.
If your goods do not fall under this criteria you can still sell on Edunonline by paying a very low 5% commission per sale instead.