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Why become a sellers!

Becoming a seller on EdunOnline is free, quick and easy and lets you sell to a targeted audience of people who just love fair trade, sustainable and eco-friendly stuff!
Selling on EdunOnline also beats selling on other well-known marketplaces such as ebay, etsy and amazon because unlike like these other marketplaces we don’t charge you for listing your items  on EdunOnline and we only charge 5% commission for each item that you sell. Sellers that qualify for our ethical selling status pay zero commission! This is because we want to make selling eco-friendly, fair trade and sustainable products as cheap and as profitable as possible!

How to become an ethical vendor here on EdunOnline!

To qualify for our ethical seller status you can only sell items that fall under the criteria of either being:

  • Fair trade (Fair trade certified ).
  • Ethically made (Made Under ethical working conditions).
  • Eco friendly (Made using Sustainable or organic materials that do not harm the environment).

Sellers must provide evidence within their product descriptions that the item being sold is either fair trade, ethically made or eco-friendly. Evidence may include an explanation of where and how this product was made and any certificates that product may have.

Sellers with the ethical seller status found being selling items on EdunOnline that do not fall under our this selling criteria will be removed and the seller will be given a warning.
If a seller continues to sell items that do not fall under the criteria for selling on EdunOnline that seller will be banned from selling on EdunOnline.

You can apply to become an ethical seller using our contact form page.

General Seller rules

Vendors are responsible for any TAX VAT to be paid on their items.
Vendorsare not allowed to sell illegal or counterfeit goods.
Vendorsare responsible for refunds.
Vendorsare responsible delivery charges
Vendors must dispatch all items sold within a reasonable length of time (1-3 days after the order was made).

Seller info

Sellers can withdraw their earnings at the end of each month once they have reached a total of £50 earnings on their account.

The default delivery charges EdunOnline charges customers is as follows:

Uk delivery £2 for the first item + £1 per every item extra item added.
European countries delivery £15 + £1 per every item extra item added.
United states delivery £18 + £1 per every item extra item added.