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    I have just bought a cintiq 27qhd for Christmas which costed a heck of a lot of money! After reading a couple reviews about how the cintiq27qhd can become scratched quite easily and because I have a waccom bamboo and after just a few goes with that thing it started to get lots of scratches and the drawing surfaces started to wear away. I do not want the same to happen to my cintiq 27 qhd! apparently even just a couple scratches to touch screens can cause the calibration to go funny or stop working all together so I was thinking of buying myself a screen protector to stop this from happening.
    However it would seem that finding the right screen protector is harder than actually buying the £1700 cintiq27qhd! I have looked online and there doesn’t seem to be that many people selling screen protectors for cintiq’s let alone the newest model that I have the 27qhd. I have managed to find a few makes such as Posrus, strong engineering and photodon that supply screen protectors for my cintiq model however I am unsure what to actually get.
    Some people highly recommend the Posrus screen protector saying that it has a good drawing surface.. with a bit of friction that adds to the feeling that you are drawing or paper rather than a smooth slick glass surface but some people say that the Posrus makes the screen blurry and that it is extremely hard to apply onto the cintiq without getting lots of bubbles appearing.
    Apparently the strong engineering screen protector is said to be good however instead of having adhesive all over the back of the protector instead it is just on the sides which makes it easier to put on the tablet and you will not get bubbles appearing but it does raise the questions.. will the surface move when you are drawing on it? I would hate to be drawing on my tablet only for the screen protector because it isnt stuck down in the middle just to raise up or move… that would be very annoying.
    Finally as for the photodon screen protectors there doesn’t seem to be much information on them on the internet!
    Even though I have bought the cintiq 27qhd doesn’t mean that I am made of money. I find it ridiculous how these screen protectors that when it comes down to it are only really pieces of plastic with adhesive on the back can cost so much for example the photodon screen protector cut to the size of the cintiq 27qhd will set you back £31.67 for 1 sheet of plastic which they probably make for 10p!
    Also non of these screen protectors can be bought on UK sites.. you have to order them from the united states… and with excessive international delivery charges this will bump up the prices of these already expensive pieces of plastic even more!

    Pushing plastic screen protectors to the side for one minute I have also been looking at tempered glass screen protectors which are widely used on iphones and ipads however I just cannot find a glass screen protector big enough to fit the size of the cintiq 27qhd (you would need the glass to be around 50x70cm to cover the whole screen.) Even If I could find a glass screen protector big enough.. I would probably loose the paper like drawing surface I want and instead be just drawing on a slick smooth surface instead which would be a nightmare.. I also do not know how using a glass screen would affect the drawing on the cintiq.. would the extra thickness (aprox 3mm)of the glass wreck the calibration of the drawing tablet?

    If anyone has any ideas or any suggestion on what protector I should go for I am all ears!! Thanks in advance!

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    Okay here is an update for guys.

    I am now thinking of buying a screen protector by Boxwave. Boxwave apparently do 2 different types of films for the cintiq 27qhd. You can either get the clear crystal or the Anti-Glare film. With the anti glare it has a textured surface which will hopefully give me the nice paper like drawing surface that I am craving for however the downside is that because of this textured surface you also get some blurring of the screen as a result.. but with the clear clear crystal film you do not get any blurring at all because it is as clear as crystal but the writing surface but I am guessing the writing surface on this film will not have any texture to it and will just be super slick and smooth.

    I have picked this over the others because boxwave for £31 you get a box with 2 screen protectors in PLUS you get a cloth and a applicator card t help you apply the screen protector…. also you boxwave is a lot easier to get delivered to you if you live in the UK.

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