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    Hi guys I plan on making my own fashion designs and getting them printed onto t shirts however looking at all the different equipment you need to buy to start screen printing it is going to cost a bomb and I am bit worried considering it looks as though it takes a lot of skill to screen print that I am just going to end up making a huge mess and loosing a lot of money. What do you guys recommend I do because I really want to turn my designs into t shirts prints!?

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    If I was you I would either get a cheap diy starter kit (however these are often just for hobbyists and are very hard to make good quality screen prints from) or get other people to do your screen prints instead. Like you said Screnen printitng equipment is far too expensive.. bascally to put it into persepctive of just how ridcilusly expensive screen printing equipment is… an expsosure unit that is bascailly just a box with a lid on it and a uv light inside will set you back £850… For a good screen printing set up you are probably going to have to spend £2500 and this is a big gamble if it turns out that you are really rubbish at screen printing and don’t have what it takes because screen printing is highly technical and takes a lot of skill.. Instead what you should try is screen print transfers.. get a big company with all the skill and expensive equipment to make your computer designs into screen transfers and then they will send you the screen trasnfers that you are then able to quickly print onto your t shirts using a good heat press when you need them! This way you have more time to focus on your designs making them as good as possible and noon of the stress with screen prititng.. also you save a lot of money… money you can then spend on expanding your buisness in other ways!

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