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Height increasing insoles for shoes


Sold By: EdunOnline

In stock

The air cushioned design help to absorb shock and keep your feet feeling comfy all day long!
-Gain up to 2 inches more height!
-Nobody will ever know you are wearing these insoles inside your shoes because they are hidden isnide your shoes and are super discreet!
-Find the height you are most comfortable with the adjustable stack system.
-Air cushioned design cushions your feet adsorbing shock and supporting the foot naturally to prevent strain and injury whilst wearing these insoles.
-Fits best in wide shoes and boots.
-Comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee with every order.

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9 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by James

    To be honest I bought these for a joke.. but go figures these insoles actually work!

  2. 09

    by Very cool

    Just go a pair in the post today after ordering them only a few days ago and they are the best things ever! Another reviewer said that they only work really in wide shoes however this isn’t the case as I have been putting them in my narrow sport shoes without any problems and they are really comfortable! The height boost is around 3inches give or take a little as the air cushion design does compresses down a little bit but not too much so you do loose a bit of height (it does depend on how heavy you are and how much pressure is being applies on the insoles but you would need to put them under a huge amount of pressure for them to loose all their height). The air cushion design is needed to stop shock from attacking your feet so im not complaining about that really. All in all if your un happy about your height what are you waiting for these are GREAT!

  3. 09

    by jim

    I was rather quite surprised when I started wearing these insoles. I actually didn’t think they would make much of a difference but if you put them in big boots like aIl did and add all the stacks you will find that you can go from being a small to quite tall.. so tall people actually notice and comment on how tall you are.. Iv never had that happen before ever in my life! The insoles themselves are pretty well made and substantial. the air cushion also means that I could wear them for 10 hours when I went shopping once and I had no problems with foot pain or cramps but I do suggest wearing some boots with them with have plenty of room because if you put them in and they make your shoes to tight you might end up with blisters. Anyway they are really great!!!!

  4. 09

    by Not bad but a little wide

    I found that this is an okay product but if you want something better I would highly suggest getting a pair of heel or shoe lifts! With these insoles you do need either boots or rather wide shoes to wear these insoles I have found… if you want to wear something that will fit into narrower shoes I would recommended getting some heel lifts instead do just the same thing and actually can adjust the height and supports your feet better too I found with heel lifts which kinda makes them a heck of a lot better than these insoles I think..

  5. 09

    by Mikey

    These actually work! When I put these inside my boots I am litrally 3 inches taller and they are super comfortable to wear plus my friends are so confused at the moment and want to know what I have done to grow so tall so quickly!

  6. 09

    by George

    You would be stupid not to even if you are already tall… thats all I can say. If I knew about these insoles earlier It would have really saved me a lot of heart ache and depressing times. I wear mine all the time in my shoes (they are kind wide and boot like) I couldn’t imagine my self living without them as they have really helped boost not only my height but my self esteem.

  7. 09

    by Nice one!

    These do exactly what I wanted– make me tall! Now im 6ft 1, cannot believe it really!

  8. 09

    by Does exactly what it says on the tin!

    I am really happy with mine! I have been looking everywhere on the web for “how to grow taller guides” and such. What a waste of time that was what I learnt was this.. after 21 you cannot make yourself taller no matter how hard you try because your growth plates fuse together making growth impossible after that happens the only option then is wearing high heels or these things and there is no hope in hell that I am walking around with high heels on… luckily these are really comfortable to wear and nobody can see them in your shoes so if you are wasting to grow taller don’t waste your time or money or e-book with silly and obvious methods in them like drink plenty of milk that wont work just buy these instead and be happy.. 3 inches is a lot!

  9. 09

    by These helped my friend so much!

    I gave these to one of my friends for his birthday.. he was a little bit offended at first but now he wears them all the time and loves them. You see that they have had a positive impact on his life because that 3 inches added height he now has thanks to these insoles he is that bit more confident in himself! As I write this I am actually buying some for myself because who doesn’t want to be taller!

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