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Shock absorbing insoles for running


Sold By: Footreviver
  • Supports the arches of your feet helping to correct biomechanical and functional imbalances in your feet that may cause injury.
  • Memory foam top layer helps provides your feet with a custom level of support and superior comfort.
  • Designed with breathable holes to help better circulate air around your feet keeping them feeling fresh and preventing sweat and bacteria building up.
  • Metatarsal pad supports the ball of your foot to combat against metatarsalgia.
  • Heel cup technology cups around your heel giving you more stability and balance also helps to reduce pressure on your heel preventing heel pain and aches.
  • Perfect for treating a wide variety of foot complains including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendinitis.
  • Made from shock absorbing materials that prevent shock from causing damage to your feet and lower limbs.
  • Flexible and durable design makes these a perfect match for runners and athletes.
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Are you suffering from pain in your heels? If so protecting your feet from shock and giving them more support can help to ease your pain. These shock absorbing insoles are designed and to help prevent shock from damaging your feet and will help to reposition your feet and improve the way that they function to help stop unnecessary strain and tension injuring your feet when you walk.

Ideal for those suffering from heel and foot pain
One of the main causes of heel and foot pain is an overuse injury called plantar fasciitis.
Plantar fasciitis can cause mild to severe pain around the arch and heel of your foot, this pain will usually be worst when taking your first steps first thing in the morning or after periods of resting your foot. Plantar fasciitis is triggered by overuse and damage to a ligament found in your foot called the plantar fascia. You can damage the plantar fascia in a number of ways:

Excessive pronation. The most common being strain and pressure caused by excessive pronation when walking. Pronation is an important part of the gait cycle helping to shift weight and adapt your feet to the changing contours of the ground. However if your feet pronate too much can place extra strain and pressure on the arches of your feet which can overtime cause degeneration of the plantar fascia.

Not stretching properly before vigorous activity involving your feet. It is important to stretch your calf muscles and feet before exercise, stretching helps to ease tension in your muscles. Tight foot and calf muscles can make you more susceptible to pulling your plantar fascia and damaging it.

Obesity or sudden weight gain. Your plantar fascia is a very durable and is designed to support your entire body weight, however it can only take so much weight. Obesity or sudden weight gain can place extra strain and pressure on your plantar which can overstretch and damage it.

Wearing ill fitting, tight and unsupportive shoes. Shoes that do not fit properly can push your feet into a position that can affect the way that you foot functions this in turn can cause extra strain and load to be placed on the plantar fascia causing damage to it. Wearing ill fitting and tight shoes can also make you more susceptible to other foot problems such as hammer toes and bunions as your toes will be bunched together and your toes joints become deformed.

The plantar fascia is responsible for supporting the arch of your foot and helps your foot function properly during the gait cycle. The plantar fascia also helps to protect the rest of your foot from harmful shock and pressure when you walk If you have plantar fascitiis it can cause the plantar fascia to become inflamed, painful and will no longer be able to support or protect your foot properly making you more prone to damage and injury which could make your plantar fasciitis even worse. That is why it is important to give your feet extra support and protection when you have plantar fasciitis, one way to do this is to wear orthotic insoles. Orthotic insoles are designed to help correct the way that you walk eliminating biomechanical imbalances that place excessive load and pressure on your plantar fascia during the gait cycle such as over pronation and supination. Orthotic insoles use inbuilt arch support that holds your arch in place and eases tension and strain off the arch stopping you from over stretching and overusing the arch of your foot. Shock absorbing materials are also used to make orthotic insoles to protect your foot from damaging shock , stopping you from causing more damage to your foot whilst your foot is healing.

Frequently asked question

How long will these insoles last?
How long these insoles will last you depends upon upon how often you wear these insoles and the type of activity that you do whilst wearing them. We have designed these insoles to be as long lasting as possible however we do recommended that you replace your insoles every couple of months. This is because overtime your insoles will start to wear out and the support and protection that the insoles will provide your feet will weaken.

Will these help my foot pain?
These insoles are designed to help correct a number of common biomechanical imbalances that are linked to foot and heel pain. By correcting biomechanical imbalances in your feet you will reduce strain and excessive load on key ligaments found in your feet. This will help to ease pressure off your feet and prevent further damage to your feet whilst your feet heal.

I have metatarsalgia will these insoles help me?
The insoles have been equipped with a metatarsal support pad that will help to support the ball of your foot, correct the positioning and ease pressure off your metatarsal bones helping to treat and prevent ball of foot pain.

What is your returns policy?
When buying a pair of these insoles you have nothing to loose. This is because our insoles come with a full 30 day money back guarantee which means if for whatever reason you are not completely happy with your new insoles you can send them back to us within 30 days. You can send them back to us using the return address found on your package, please include a note indicating who you are so we know who to send the refund. We will then promise to send you a full refund including postage costs.

We dispatch all order made on weeks days before 3pm that same day. Orders made after 3pm are dispatched the next working day. We use Royal mail postage service to fulfil all orders made. If order does not arrive please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

All of our products include 30 day money back guarantee. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to return an item. Please send all returns to the return address found on the package. Make sure to include a note letting us know your name and paypal email for us to send you a refund.

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