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  • Insoles for fallen arches

    Sold By: Footreviver

    If you have fallen arches you may be suffering from heel and foot pain as a result. This is because those with this condition are more prone to overstretching and straining their feet. With a pair of these insoles inside your shoes, you can go about correcting this and easing your pain once and for all!

    The best features:

    • Designed with rigid arch support to support fallen arches and ease tension and pressure.
    • Built with shock absorbing materials that help to stop shock from damaging your feet.
    • Inbuilt metatarsal pads to combat metatarsalgia a common cause of ball of foot pain.
    • Heel grips and heel cup help to support your heel, giving you more stability in your shoes and preventing your feet from moving around in your shoes.
    • Breathable, lightweight and durable makes these a perfect fit for running shoes.
    • Corrects the function and motion of your feet when you walk to make you walk and run more efficiently with less strain.
    • The 30 day money back guarantee ensure you are never left out of pocket if you do not like your new pair of insoles!
  • Shock absorbing insoles for running

    Sold By: Footreviver
    • Supports the arches of your feet helping to correct biomechanical and functional imbalances in your feet that may cause injury.
    • Memory foam top layer helps provides your feet with a custom level of support and superior comfort.
    • Designed with breathable holes to help better circulate air around your feet keeping them feeling fresh and preventing sweat and bacteria building up.
    • Metatarsal pad supports the ball of your foot to combat against metatarsalgia.
    • Heel cup technology cups around your heel giving you more stability and balance also helps to reduce pressure on your heel preventing heel pain and aches.
    • Perfect for treating a wide variety of foot complains including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendinitis.
    • Made from shock absorbing materials that prevent shock from causing damage to your feet and lower limbs.
    • Flexible and durable design makes these a perfect match for runners and athletes.
  • Gel Heel Cup Support Cushion Shock Pad

    Sold By: Footreviver

    Suffering from heel pain? Do something about it and fit these inside your shoes to ease that pain once and for all! Cushions, supports and pads your foot.

    Ones size fits all perfect for athletes and people who are always on their feet.
    Helps to support the heel of your foot.
    Silicone gel massages your heels and stops the build up of damaging pressure underneath your heels by spreading this pressure evenly across your whole foot, helping you to stay comfortable in your shoes all day long.
    Absorbs shock and prevent shock from damaging your heel and Achilles tendon
    Cups around your heel giving you extra stability and comfort to prevent foot sprains and strains.
    Arch support helps to realign your foot preventing over pronation and supination common causes of plantar fasciitis and heel pain.
    Supports and reduces strain and tension in the Achilles tendon helping to prevent and treat Achilles tendinitis.
    Lightweight durable and compact design makes these inserts perfect for adding into any type of shoe quickly and easy for fast and effecting foot pain relief.
    Added heel grips help to stop your feet from moving around in your shoes and rubbing against the sides of your shoes which can cause blisters to and corns to develop.
    If you are not happy with these heel cups you can send them back to us within 30 days tog et 100% refund!

  • Orthotic insoles for heel pain by FootReviver™

    Sold By: Footreviver
    • Orthotic motion control helps to correct the function and biomechanics of your feet to work more naturally to prevent strain and damage to your feet.
    • Ideal for treating a number of foot injuries including Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, heel spurs, Achilles tendinitis, shins splints, knee pain, knee tendinitis as well as hip and lower back pain.
    • Suitable for people with high arches and flat feet.
    • Rigid arch support helps to keep strain off the plantar fascia helping to prevent and treat a common cause of heel and foot pain called plantar fasciitis.
    • Memory foam top layer helps to give your feet an extra layer of support and protection
    • Lightweight and durable makes these insoles perfect for wearing whilst playing sports such as football or rugby.
    • Inbuilt metatarsal pads helps to support your metatarsal bones protecting them against shock and strain.
    • Features orthotic heel cup support designed to stabilize your heels giving you more balance an stability.
    • Helps to support and reduce strain on the Achilles tendon makes these perfect for treating and preventing Achilles tendinitis.
    • Absorbs shock and redistributes weight preventing damaging pressure and shock building up underneath your soles which could otherwise damage your feet.
    • Breathable holes inserted onto the insole helps to better circulate air around your foot helping to keep your feet feeling fresh whilst wearing them.
  • Gel insoles for foot and knee pain

    Sold By: Footreviver
    • One size fits all
    • Made from silicone gel that actively adapts to the changing contours of your feet when walking and running, this provides your feet with a custom level of support and protection.
    • Absorbs shock and helps to redistribute weight across your foot preventing pressure from building up underneath your foot and heels and causing damage. This makes these insoles perfect for standing in for long periods and avoiding foot and heel aches.
    • Memory foam top layer for added comfort and support.
    • Helps to support the arch of your foot in the most natural position possible to reduce excessive pronation, and get rid of tension and strain on the arch of your foot.
    • Ideal for runners and athletes who want to avoid common foot and lower limb injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints and knee tendinitis.
    • Comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis

    Sold By: Footreviver
    • 1x pair arch support insoles perfect for easing and treating foot and heel pain
    • Inbuilt arch support takes strain and pressure off your arch to prevent plantar fasciitis
    • Repositions your foot in the correct position and stops functional and biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination from occurring.
    • Light weight and durable makes these insoles perfect for wearing whilst running or playing sports
    • Ideal for those who have flat feet or high arches.
    • Prevents and helps treats a range of different foot problems including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, heel spurs, and Achilles tendinitis.
    • Memory foam layer adapts to the exact shape your foot helping to give you a custom level of protection and support.
    • Carbon fibre base protects your foot from shock
    • Added heel cup helps to stop the build up of pressure underneath your heel by redistributing this pressure evenly and safely across your whole foot.
  • Ladies polka dot non elastic socks

    Sold By: SockShop

    Make your feet look stylish and make them feel a lot more comfortable with a pair of these ladies polka dot non elastic socks.

    -These socks use a non elasticated honey comb top that gently grips to your ankles to help promote blood flow to your feet, making them ideal for foes with oedema (swollen feet) and diabetes.
    -Machine washable up to 40c
    -3pairs in a pack
    -Women’s shoe size 4-8
    -Made from the very best high quality cotton around giving these socks excellent breathability and a light weight and soft feel to them.
    -The ventilation system on these socks helps keep your feet feeling warm during winter and cool during summer.

  • Ladies plain black cotton socks

    Sold By: SockShop

    -3 pairs in a pack
    -Made from durable and high quality fabric (77% Cotton 19% Polyester 2% Polyamide 2% Elastane)
    -womesn uk shoe size 4-8
    -Extra soft and gentle on the skin makes these socks a perfect choice for those with sensitive feet.
    -Hand linked toes for smooth seams and extra comfort
    -Features gentle grip top that does not dig into your ankle or heel.
    -These socks do not restrict blood flow, making them ideal for those with diabetes, swollen feet or circulation problems.
    -Made from breathable cotton fabric that helps to ventilate better your feet, keeping them dry and bacteria free. This extra breathability also helps to keep your feet feeling cool in summer and warm in winter.
    -Comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee. No questions asked.

  • Ladies heart patterned diabetic friendly socks

    Sold By: SockShop

    -3 pairs in a pack
    -Ladies uk shoe size 4-8
    -Stylish heart patten design
    -Diabetic friendly. These socks stay in place using a honeycomb top that gently grips to your ankles keeping the socks in place all day long, because no elastic is used these socks do not dig into the ankles or restrict blood flow to the feet making them the perfect choice for those with diabetes or circulation problems.
    -The breathable design on these socks ensures that air is circulated properly around the feet helping to keep the feet dry and fresh when wearing them.
    -These socks have been made using the very best yarn and stitching processes to ensure that these socks are hard wearing and extremely comfortable!
    -If you are not completely satisfied with the socks you can return them back to us within 30days of receiving the socks to receive a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Ladies diabetic non elastic patterned socks

    Sold By: SockShop

    Look good and feel good in a pair of these stylish patterned socks for ladies.
    -3 pairs in a pack
    -Uk women’s shoe size 4-8
    -These socks are non elastic which means they will not feel tight or restrict blood flow to your feet whilst wearing them, making them perfect for those with circulatory problems, swollen feet or diabetes.
    -Breathable design helps to prevent sweat and the build up of bacteria to keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.
    -76% Cotton 19% Polyester 3% Polyamide 2% Elastane
    -Use a gentle grip top that comfortably holds these socks in place and stops them from falling down.
    -Made from high quality durable cotton for comfortable and long lasting wear.

  • Ladies flower patterned Non elastic diabetic gentle grip cotton socks

    Sold By: SockShop

    Make your feet feel warm and look good with these flower patterned gentle grip socks.
    -3 pairs in a pack
    -76% Cotton 19% Polyester 3% Polyamide 2% Elastane
    -One size fits all (womens size 4-8)
    -Machine washable
    -These socks are non elastic and use a honey comb gentle grip top to hold the socks in place and stop them from falling down. This means that these socks do not restrict blood flow to your feet or dig into your ankles, making these socks perfect for those who suffer from circulatory problems, swollen feet or diabetic.
    -Keep your feet fresh. These socks are made out of breathable cotton which will keep your feet feeling fresh by better circulating air around your feet.
    -Made from the very best high quality materials and manufactured using advanced stitching techniques making these socks extremely durable and long lasting!

  • Orthotic arch support Plantar fasciitis insoles

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Plantar fasciitis (PF) is one of the main causes of foot and heel pain. Symptoms can happen steadily and are generally more painful when taking your first steps of the day in the morning. PF affects the plantar fascia which is a ligament which stretches the length of the sole your foot and supports it.

    Plantar fasciitis can trigger soreness as well as sudden sharp pains underneath your feet and under your heels. More often than not discomfort is most severe around the heel area of your foot, however your entire foot can become painful. One of the indications of PF is if you have a heel spur on the side of your heel. A heel spur is a sign of unnatural pressure around the heel which could be what is causing your PF.
    If you have plantar fasciitis you will have pain underneath your arch and heel which might feel worse underneath when stretching your feet or pushing off with your feet whilst walking. The pain may vary from being somewhat uncomfortable to being extremely painful depending upon just how severely damaged the plantar fascia is.
    Plantar fasciitis can make walking and running a lot harder by making the foot inflexible and tender. Pain is ually worse during the morning, when sitting up after lying down or getting up off a chair after being sat down for a long period of time. The soles of the feet may feel hot often, inflamed, and sensitive.

    Plantar fasciitis indicates that your plantar fascia has become inflamed. PF is considered to be an overuse injury that is brought on by continual over-stretching of the plantar fascia. Overuse can result in the fascia to get inflamed and sore. The plantar fascia is a stretchy ligament that supports your arch and joins your heel bone to your toes.
    PF is widespread amongst athletes and runners who have to use their feet more often than normal. However having said that you do not need to be an athlete to get PF as a wide range of other things can cause overuse of the plantar fascia and ultimately PF.
    This inflammation can be caused by a number of different things and in many cases are complex and may vary from biomechanical imbalances to ageing weakening the cellular tissue of the plantar fascia and. You can also inflame the plantar fascia if you like to walk or run, especially if you so happen to have a biomechanical imbalance such as having a tight calf muscle which might restrict the way in which you are able to flex your foot and ankle or if you suffer from under or over pronation of the feet when you walk which can cause extra strain on the plantar fascia.
    There are many different ways in which you can treat Plantar fasciitis. One of the aims of treatment is to try to reduce and ease pain as much as possible and to stop the underlining cause of the PF to prevent it from reoccurring

    Insoles that give your feet better support and correct biomechanical imbalances are also a great way at treating PF as well as preventing it. However there are other treatments that should be made use of to ensure a full recovery, such as:
    -Stretching works miracles for treating PF. Stretches can help to reduce tightness in the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.
    – Resting your feet! It can be a good idea to make an effort to keep weight off your foot to stop you from damaging your feet even more and to let your feet heal properly. Another thing that might help is to -ICE! You should apply ice onto the heel and arch of your foot for 20 minutes several times a day in order to reduce swelling and inflammation.
    -Anti-inflammatory drugs. If you see your doctor about your PF then they may give you a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen to help with reducing inflammation a swell (Injections should be avoided as these can run the risk of rupturing the fascia and worsening your injury).

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