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  • Height Increasing Shoe Lifts

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Give yourself a boost in height and confidence with a pair of these height increasing shoe lifts!

    • Helps to increase the wearers confidence by giving you a boost in height.
    • These shoe lifts can increase your height by as much as 1.5 inches!
    • Quickly and simply adjust to your preferred height using the adjustable stack system.
    • Super comfortable to wear! With in-built arch support to help better support the arch of your foot stopping excessive strain and damage from injuring your foot.
    • Made from silicone gel to absorb shocks preventing these shocks from damaging your feet and your lower limbs.
    • Added heel cup technology prevents the build up of damaging pressure under your heels by spreading this pressure evenly throughout your foot instead.
    • Discrete and hidden inside your shoes means nobody will know that you are wearing them to boost your height.
    • Can be used to correct leg length discrepancies.
    • These shoe lift can be quickly fitted into just about any type of shoe you can think of!
    • One size fits all
    • YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE! If you are not 100% happy with these lifts you can let us know using the contact form on our shop and simply send them back to us using the return address and we will give you a full refund including all postage costs!


    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Height Increasing Shoe Lifts

  • Gel Bunion Pads

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Have a bunion? Keep it protected and supported with a pair of bunion pads

    • Stops your bunion from getting worse by supporting and correcting misalignment in your big toe joint
    • Stops blisters by preventing your bunion from rubbing against the inside of your shoes.
    • Discrete and made to feel as comfortable as possible to wear.
    • One size fits all.
    • Made from light weight silicone gel.
    • 1x bunion pad per pack.


    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Gel Bunion Pads

  • Open patella adjustable knee support

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Main features

    • One size fits all
    • Perfect for knee rehabilitation. Orthotic compression support helps to boost blood flow to the knee speeding up injury recovery.
    • Helps to better Stabilize your knee and prevent re-injury by stopping movement that could damage the knee joint.
    • Helps to prevent and treat a number of knee related injuries such as jumpers knee and runners knee.
    • Made from lightweight and durable neoprene material.
    • Breathable design means this support is perfect for wearing during exercise and sport
    • Velcro adjustable straps helps you to achieve the support and fit that your knee requires quickly and easily.
    • Machine washable
    • Full 30 day money back guarantee


    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Open patella adjustable knee support

  • Thermal hike boot socks

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    -3 pairs in a pack, Light grey, Dark grey and navy.
    -Our socks have been made out of durable, comfortable and warm cotton (52% cotton and 48% polyester).
    -Extremely comfortable to wear all day long. These socks have a cushioned foot section to help prevent shock from damaging your feet.
    -Elasticated top gently grips the socks to your legs stopping them from falling down.
    -Made to be long lasting and hard wearing.
    -No more odour or sweaty feet. Breathable design helps to regulate temperature and prevent sweat and the build up of bacteria.
    -No more blisters. Helps to prevent blisters by reducing friction caused when your feet rub against your shoes.
    -Specially designed to keep your feet feeling warm when its cold.
    -These sock are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing.
    -Perfect for wearing inside your work boots!
    -One size fits all (6-11)
    -Come with a full money back guarantee. If you are not happy with these hike socks for whatever reason you can return them to us within 30 days of receiving the item to receive a full refund, no questions asked!

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Thermal hike boot socks

  • Pedi Spin – Electric Pedicure Hard Callus Skin Remover

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    The best express way to gettting rid of dry callus skin on your feet and keeping your feet in super smooth and soft is by using our ingenious pedi spin!

    Why do we get hard dry callus skin on our feet?
    Perfect for removing dry skin on feet. There are many causes to why dry hard skin may formon the soles of our feet, the most common causes are excessive pressure or friction to the soles of your feet as a result of either wearing shoes that are too loose shoes (creating friction when your feet move around inside your shoes) or  that you are wearing shoes that are too tight  (putting pressure on your soles).
    Friction and pressure on the skin of our feet cause an excess of new skin cells to form in response to try to protect your feet, this new layer of skin can then build up over time and become hard and dry!

    It is important to remove Calluses and dry skin on a regular basis! If the hard callus skin is not removed then the skin may start to crack and tear making your feet more susceptible to skin and fungal infections and inflammation as a result.


    • Ergonomically designed to glide over your skin for quick express, easy and pain free use.
    • Features fast and slow spin settings
    • Battery powered. Requires 4x AA betteries to use.
    • The Mechanical head files hard skin effortlessly meaning less force is needed that other conventional methods of removing hard skin such as using a foot file or manual rasp.
    • The lightweight and compact design of this pedi means that you can easily take it anywhere you want.
    • Leaves no mess. The pedi spin collects all skin fillings into a small container inside the pedi which you can then empty into a bin when you have finished using it.
    • You do not have to be an expert to use it! The safety guard on the pedi spin ensures gentle and safe usage.
    • This pedi spin can also be on not just your feet! The pedi spin can also be used to on the palms of your hands!
    • Nothing to loose! If you are not 100% satisfied with the pedi spin then you can simply return it to us (with a note indicating who you ae so that we can issue a refund to you) within 30 days of receiving the pedi spin to receive a FULL refund with no questions asked!
    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Pedi Spin – Electric Pedicure Hard Callus Skin Remover

  • Gel Heel cups

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    If you find your feet and heels hurting after a long hard day on your feet why not put a pair of these heel cups inside your shoes to help your feet to feel comfortable all day instead?


    • 2x heel cups, One for the left foot and 1 for the right foot.
    • Ideal for helping to relieve heel and foot pain
    • Specially designed heel pad helps to spread pressure from under your heel to alleviating pressure which can help prevent foot injuries and heel pain as a result.
    • No more friction. No more bunions and blisters. Stop your feet from slipping and moving around in your shoes. These heel cups have built in heel grips to stop your foot from moving and slipping inside your shoes preventing your feet from rubbing on your shoes which can cause bunions and blisters.
    • Ergonomically designed with biomechanics in mind. These heel cups will help to promote the correct gait and foot function whilst you are on your feet this in turn helps to reduce potential damage and injury to your feet.
    • Proven to help correct biomechanical imbalances in your foot as well as correctly aligning your feet.
    • Helps to support the arch of your support reducing over stretching and straining the arch of your foot the most common causes of plantar fasciitis.
    • Made from Shock absorbing silicone gel to help reduce shocks from damaging not only your feet but also other joints and ligaments in your body such as your knees.
    • By buying these heel cups you have nothing to loose because if you are not 100% satisfied with the heel cups for whatever reason you may return them to us within 30 days of receiving the heel cups in the post and we will send you a full refund including all your postage costs.


    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Gel Heel cups

  • FootReviver Sport orthotic insoles

    Sold By: Footreviver
    • Eases plantar fasciitis pain
    • Made from light weight carbon fiber
    • Protects your feet from shock
    • Inbuilt arch support correct common foot imbalances that can contribute to injuries such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and metatarsalgia.
    • Perfect choice for those with flat feet or high arches
    • Can be cut to the right size to fit inside any type of shoes quickly and easily.
  • Orthotic arch support Plantar fasciitis insoles

    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Plantar fasciitis (PF) is one of the main causes of foot and heel pain. Symptoms can happen steadily and are generally more painful when taking your first steps of the day in the morning. PF affects the plantar fascia which is a ligament which stretches the length of the sole your foot and supports it.

    Plantar fasciitis can trigger soreness as well as sudden sharp pains underneath your feet and under your heels. More often than not discomfort is most severe around the heel area of your foot, however your entire foot can become painful. One of the indications of PF is if you have a heel spur on the side of your heel. A heel spur is a sign of unnatural pressure around the heel which could be what is causing your PF.
    If you have plantar fasciitis you will have pain underneath your arch and heel which might feel worse underneath when stretching your feet or pushing off with your feet whilst walking. The pain may vary from being somewhat uncomfortable to being extremely painful depending upon just how severely damaged the plantar fascia is.
    Plantar fasciitis can make walking and running a lot harder by making the foot inflexible and tender. Pain is ually worse during the morning, when sitting up after lying down or getting up off a chair after being sat down for a long period of time. The soles of the feet may feel hot often, inflamed, and sensitive.

    Plantar fasciitis indicates that your plantar fascia has become inflamed. PF is considered to be an overuse injury that is brought on by continual over-stretching of the plantar fascia. Overuse can result in the fascia to get inflamed and sore. The plantar fascia is a stretchy ligament that supports your arch and joins your heel bone to your toes.
    PF is widespread amongst athletes and runners who have to use their feet more often than normal. However having said that you do not need to be an athlete to get PF as a wide range of other things can cause overuse of the plantar fascia and ultimately PF.
    This inflammation can be caused by a number of different things and in many cases are complex and may vary from biomechanical imbalances to ageing weakening the cellular tissue of the plantar fascia and. You can also inflame the plantar fascia if you like to walk or run, especially if you so happen to have a biomechanical imbalance such as having a tight calf muscle which might restrict the way in which you are able to flex your foot and ankle or if you suffer from under or over pronation of the feet when you walk which can cause extra strain on the plantar fascia.
    There are many different ways in which you can treat Plantar fasciitis. One of the aims of treatment is to try to reduce and ease pain as much as possible and to stop the underlining cause of the PF to prevent it from reoccurring

    Insoles that give your feet better support and correct biomechanical imbalances are also a great way at treating PF as well as preventing it. However there are other treatments that should be made use of to ensure a full recovery, such as:
    -Stretching works miracles for treating PF. Stretches can help to reduce tightness in the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.
    – Resting your feet! It can be a good idea to make an effort to keep weight off your foot to stop you from damaging your feet even more and to let your feet heal properly. Another thing that might help is to -ICE! You should apply ice onto the heel and arch of your foot for 20 minutes several times a day in order to reduce swelling and inflammation.
    -Anti-inflammatory drugs. If you see your doctor about your PF then they may give you a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen to help with reducing inflammation a swell (Injections should be avoided as these can run the risk of rupturing the fascia and worsening your injury).

  • Sleeve Linen Blend Caro Pane Shirt

    Sold By: EdunOnline
    • Made form eco friendly recycled cotton material
    • Lightweight and soft feel fabric
    • Inspired grunge rocker style design
    • Includes 30 day money back guarantee
    Sold By: EdunOnline

    Sleeve Linen Blend Caro Pane Shirt


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