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1x pair arch support insoles
Inbuilt arch support takes strain and pressure off your arch.
Repositions your foot in the correct position and stops functional and biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination from occurring.
Light weight and durable makes these insoles perfect for wearing whilst running or playing sports
Ideal for those who have flat feet and high arches.
Prevents and helps treats a range of different foot problems including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, heel spurs, and Achilles tendinitis.
Memory foam layer adapts to the exact shape your foot helping to give you a custom level of protection and support.
Carbon fibre base protects your foot from shock
Added heel cup helps to stop the build up of pressure underneath your heel by redistributing this pressure evenly and safely across your whole foot.

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If you are suffering from tired aching feet then wearing a pair of these arch support insoles by Footrevivers could help you.

How arch support insoles can help to ease foot and heel pain
Th leading cause of foot and heel pain is caused by a foot injury called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis develops as a result of damage and inflammation to the plantar fascia ligament that supports the arch of your foot. There are a number of different things can cause damage to this ligament including:

Functional and biomechanical imbalances when you walk can cause extra strain and pressure on the arch of your foot. This can overtime cause degeneration of the plantar fascia leaving it more prone to being overstretched and damaged.
The most common biomechanical imbalances to cause plantar fasciitis is excessive pronation. Pronation is a natural part of the gait cycle and is needed to help shift weight, absorb shock and adapt your foot to the changing contours of the ground as you walk. However if your feet over pronate where your foot rolls inwards and excessive amount or supinate where by your foot rolls outwards too much then this can be damaging to your foot. If you have flat feet or high arches your feet maybe more prone to pronating excessively. If you are worried that your foot it is best to go see a podiatrist who will examine your feet and advise you on how to correct your pronation.

-Whilst the arches of our feet are designed to support your entire body weight there is a limit to how much weight your arches can take. Being overweight or sudden weight gain can place extra strain and pressure on your arches which can result in damage to the plantar fascia. Obesity is usually caused by an inactive lifestyle as well, this can also lead to the supporting muscles in your feet to weaken making you more at risk of over stretching and damaging the plantar fascia.

Wearing improper shoes. Wearing shoes that do not support your feet, absorb shock or are simply too tight can cause plantar fasciitis. This is because improper footwear can put extra pressure on your feet. You should wear shoes that absorb shock. Shock especially when walking or standing on hard surfaces for prolonged periods can cause damage to the arch and the soles of your foot.
You should also make sure that you wear shoes that support your feet in the correct position. Shoes that do not properly support your feet may position your feet in away that could cause biomechanical imbalances to develop causing damage to your feet.
Tight fitting shoes can cause your foot to rub against the sides of your shoes and bunch up your toes which can cause other problems to develop such as blisters, bunions and hammer toes.

Plantar fasciits can cause mild to severe pain located on the arch of the foot and heel. This pain can vary in severity depending upon the damage to the plantar fascia. If you have plantar fasciitis you should make sure to rest the affected foot and to try to not put any weight on your foot until it is fully recovered. Due to the slow regeneration of the cells found in the plantar fascia recover can be very slow. You can help to boost your recovery by protecting your foot by performing regular foot stretching exercises to help restrengthen your foot and help boost blood flow to the affected area. Protecting you foot from further damage is also important. If you have plantar fasciitis your foot will no longer be able to function properly making you more susceptible to further damage. Wearing a pair of arch support insoles can help to protect your foot. Arch support insoles are designed to help take the strain off your feet by supporting the arch of your foot. These insoles also use orthotic technology that is designed to position your foot in the most natural and comfortable position. This will help to correct the function of your feet and prevent biomechanical imbalances such as excessive pronation from causing strain and pressure on your feet when walking or running.

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  1. Jasper

    A couple of weeks ago I ended up getting plantar fasciitis after over doing it when running. I tried just about everything to try to ease my pain but It kept on coming back, then I decided to buy a pair of these arch support insoles which did the trick. Since wearing these inside my shoes my feet have really improved. You can really feel the rigid support on these insoles take the strain off your feet.. I also like how these insoles have a hard shell at the bottom of them which does a good job at stopping shock hurting your feet. My only complaint is that I had to cut the insoles down to size to fit inside my shoes which is easier said than done.

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