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Shock absorbing arch support insoles


Sold By: Footreviver

Do you find that your feet ache at the end of a hard working day? A pair of these shock absorbing arch support insoles might just be what your feet are crying out for!

  • With in built arch support that is designed to work with the biomechanics of your foot correcting gait problems such as over pronation and under pronation to help to reduce stress and tension on the plantar fascia a leading cause of plantar fasciitis.
  • Made from Shock absorbing EVA material that actively absorbs shocks helping to protect both your feet and lower limbs from damage caused by shock. The added shock absorption will also help with the recovery of injuries such as knee tendinitis and shin splints that may often worsen through persistent shocks.
  • Breathable design helps to better circulate air around your feet helping to keep your feet fresh, dry and sweat free all day long.
  • The orthotic support that these insoles provide will help to stabilize your feet in the correct position and will restore stability and balance to your feet, ankles and legs.
  • Great for preventing a wide range of foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia as well as just general foot and heel pain.
  • Available in size 6-8 and 9-12
  • Cut to fit. You can easily cut the insoles to your preferred size quickly and easily with a pair of scissors and by using the guides drawn on the insoles.


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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Just Brilliant!

    Just recently I got plantar fasciitis in my left foot has meant that I cannot put any weight on my left foot whatsoever I decided to buy these insoles to see if they would help me get back on my feet! I’m really pleased to say that these insoles have helped massively! Only a few days ago I would have struggled to even walk short distances without getting really bad aches and pains in my left foot but now thanks to these insoles I have no problems at all with walking and the arch support is incredible in these insoles… I tried some other insoles before these ones that were a brand and double the price which did not help have anywhere near the level of arch support or comfort as these ones.
    I’m really happy I bought these and I would recommended them to anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis… as we speak I am just ordering another pair for my other shoes!

  2. 05

    by Micky

    I suffer from really bad shin splints and needed some shock absorbing insoles to stop shock from making it any worse. After doing lots of research and reading lots of reviews I decided to get these as a lot of people said that these insoles are the best for shin splints.. and they aren’t wrong! These insoles are just what my shins needed! I have now gone from having really bad painful shins to just a few dull aches here and there! I highly recommend these to anyone even if you don’t suffer from shin splints like me they do make your feet feel a whole lot more comfortable and supported. My only complaint would be that the insoles were a little bit big when I got them and I had to cut them to size with some scissors which was a little bit fiddly and annoying to do but that being said once you have got them in your shoes you will wonder how your feet ever coped without them!

  3. 05


    My feet have never felt better in my running shoes with these inside of them! These arch support insoles are really good at PROPERLY supporting my feet.. I have bought scholl insoles and superfeet insoles in the past that were three times the price of these ones and they did not support my feet in anyway.. In fact they actually made my feet feel really tight and uncomfortable in my shoes but these insoles support my feet just in the right places and there is considerably less strain on my arches now as a result meaning no more plantar fasciitis for me YAY!… So in future from now on I am definitely sticking to these!

  4. 05

    by Robert

    After reading some fake review online I annoyingly ended up buying a pair of super feet insoles which were three times the price of these and just messed up my feet even more by pushing my feet into all sorts of weird and uncomfortable positions. After a week or so of wearing them I decided to throw them in the bin because they were no good and looked online for some different ones.. this is when I found out that the site I read the review about the superfeet insoles was actually was just an amazon affiliate site created with the sole purpose of getting you to buy using their amazon affiliate link.. come to think about it I don’t think the reviewer had ever even tried the insoles before and just wrote the review to make a quick buck or two. Eventually after more searching around I found these insoles and I am really glad I did! Not only are these a lot cheaper than the crappy superfeet insoles but they also support my feet (I suffer from flat feet so support is really important for me) exactly how I want them to and have eased my plantar fasciitis so much. My advice to anyone reading this is don t get sucked in and buy expensive brands like superfeet you feet and wallet will be happy you did! these get 5 stars from me! 🙂

  5. 05

    by David B

    I started to get really bad aches and pains in my feet when standing for long periods of time so I decided to buy some of these for my shoes to see If they would ease it and they did! I am really quite pleased with these insoles… I have flat feet and the arch support really helps to keep the strain off my arches and reduce tightness in my feet… what is more pressure no longer builds up underneath my heels so I can stand around now for as long as I want without my feet hurting. I highly recommended these to anyone who is suffering from foot and heel pain :)!

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